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Ever been to lunch with Mike Stransky?

Typical one-hour power lunches with the long-time Principal of Salt Lake-based GSBS Architects (Gillies Stransky Brems Smith) tend to organically stretch into two hours and change because of his magnetic presence and gregarious personality.  Stransky is also easy to spy in a crowded room, with his signature white hot, close-cropped hair.

“He has a big presence…that big shock of white hair,” said GSBS President/CEO Kevin Miller. “When you walked into a room you knew he was there. Everybody knows who Mike is.

“When we officed in the Walker Center we’d go to lunch at Lamb’s or Judge Cafe.. I was still a young guy and didn’t go to lunch all the time. We’d walk over to Caputo’s and an hour lunch would be an hour and a half because he knew everybody. That ability to be visible and not just represent the firm but the profession in the community…is unique.”

“I called him Mr. Mayor,” quipped Tom Batenhorst, Principal and Manager of the firm’s Fort Worth, Tex., office. “It should be a five minute walk down the block, but  Mike was always busy talking to people, shaking hands. He’s just a great mentor--how he conducted himself in interviews, his ability to network.”

“Mike’s gift is his ability to work with people,” said David Brems, Principal and Director of Design. “Mike can walk into a room and walk out with a job. People are attracted to him and trust him. Leading the marketing efforts for our firm was his responsibility and he was one of the best at it. Mike is the guy you want in the room to work through problems.”


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