America's Most Indestructible Buildings / by SHOKO SMITH

©Jeff Goldberg / Esto

©Jeff Goldberg / Esto

The Salt Lake City Public Safety Building was named one of "America's Most Indestructible Buildings" along with One World Trade Center in New York and The U.S. Bank Tower in LA by Bob Vila on  

"If an earthquake hits Utah's capital, one of the best places to hunker down would be the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building, which houses the city's fire and police departments. An architectural triumph of steel, the 175,000-square-foot structure is not only LEED certified for energy efficiency, but it’s also built to withstand earthquakes measuring up to 7.5 in magnitude. The building owes its temblor resistance to seismic dampers that absorb shock, allowing everyone inside to remain safe."  -  Manasa Reddigari for Bob Vila

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