GSBS Architects Designing 4 New Buildings for Business Depot Ogden / by SHOKO SMITH

Businesses are growing and expanding at Business Depot Ogden (BDO), a 1,118-acre master planned business park with 500 build-to-suit available acres.    A major participant in this activity is GSBS Architects who have been engaged again to design four new industrial projects at BDO for national production and distribution chains, totaling 1,064,000 square feet.  These four projects will push the total industrial space at BDO to over 13,500,000 square feet. All of them will be completed by next fall.

Two of the new projects are new businesses at BDO, formerly a military installation which was transferred to the City of Ogden in 1997 and is managed by the Boyer Company.  GSBS Architects has had enjoyed a long and productive relationship with BDO and the City of Ogden since 2002.   

A recent article in the Ogden Standard Examiner  (10/31/16) written by columnist Mark Saal, reported:

“Tom Christopulos, director of community and economic development for the city, says Business Depot Ogden has been recognized both nationally and internationally for its successes. In 2012, the project received an award from the International Economic Development Council for being one of the top public-private ventures in the world.”

ReaderLink is the largest full-service distributor of hardcover, trade and paperback books to non-trade channel booksellers in North America.  Their project relocates their western distribution center from Clearfield to BDO and adds 500,000 square feet of rail-served distribution space to their national distribution network with facilities in Virginia, Indiana, and Illinois. 

Honeyville, Inc, a family owned and operated milling company, produces grains and seeds, flours and mixes, bakery ingredients and dried foods, including a full line of gluten free products.  They have plants in Utah, Arizona and California.  This new 192,000 square foot production and distribution facility will consolidate much of their Utah operations under one roof.

Two other projects are in design and permit stage and include a 262,000 square foot, rail-served lumber distribution facility and a 110,000 square foot expansion of an existing minus ten degree cold storage and distribution facility.

Since Ogden purchased the complex, BDO has improved the infrastructure and has added 23 new buildings totaling nearly 5 million square feet thanks to a prime location in the Crossroads of the West and access to a highly skilled and educated workforce. These new, light industrial, warehouse and distribution buildings have grown the capacity of the BDO to over 12 million square feet.  GSBS has been responsible for all but 3 of the new construction projects.  Businesses located at BDO collectivelyemploy a work force of over 4,500 people.  

“It’s been kind of a model that’s being used in other places,” Christopulos said. “We’re 20 years ahead of schedule, and we’re that far ahead in revenue projections. It’s as near a perfect project as I’ve ever been involved in.” (excerpted from The Ogden Standard Examiner,  “Business Depot Ogden continues to grow ahead of schedule” 10/31/16.)