Thomas e. batenhorst

aia, leed ap
principal / Director

How does a farm boy from Nebraska end up as an owner of a regional architecture firm? I’ve asked myself that question many times over my career. Maybe it started with my need to build stuff instead of shovel stuff! The process of design and construction has always fascinated me.  How materials go together and the steps in building a project might appear complex, but it’s a series of thoughtful decisions along the journey.

My journey began attending the University of Nebraska in Lincoln—where my favorite team, The Cornhuskers, won two National championships while I was there. Architectural degree in hand, I set off with my wife on an adventure to Salt Lake City, where I passed the architectural exam and experienced the birth of my first daughter—1982 was a great year!  A move to Fort Worth in 1985 and the birth of my second daughter in 1986, continued my adventures and set me on the path as the founding Principal of the Texas office of GSBS—where I’ve spent the rest of my career.  In between, I’ve thrown in some travel and a granddaughter.  It’s been a great experience!

For me, the most rewarding part of my job is the collaborative spirit in the office—beginning with the award of each project, continuing through the design and documentation of work and culminating in the successful close out of a project. And the ultimate achievement is a happy client.  I’m proud to say we have many.

Notable Recent Projects:
• Tarrant County Northeast Courthouse
• Trophy Club Public Safety Building

 Professional Affiliations:
• American Institute of Architects
• U.S. Green Building Council
• Rotary Club of Fort Worth No. 75
• Fort Worth South, Inc.

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