aia, leed ap BD+C, OCD, AWOL

Jeff dabbled in a number of occupations in his early years including a short-lived career as a watercolor painter.  Having made the shocking discovery that watercolor is a poor medium for house paint, he left town quietly one night and embarked on a career in architecture.  After five years at Kansas State University, he graduated Johnny Cum Lately with a Bachelor of Architecture degree and moved to New Mexico where all the exiting architecture was happening - strip malls, pawn shops, and the burgeoning industry of payday title loans. 

In the mid-1990s he saw a poorly made documentary extolling the virtues of Utah, "where the wine flowed like water," and moved immediately to Provo.  After four fruitless months of searching for this alleged wine, he was politely asked to leave, whereupon he moved to Salt Lake City.  After years of aimlessly wandering the SLC architecture scene, Jeff was accidentally hired by former GSBS principal Stephen Smith during lunch one afternoon in 2005.  He mistakenly thought he had ordered dessert.  He has been employed at GSBS ever since and is becoming accustomed to the common refrain, “Do you work here?”

Jeff is formerly licensed in New Mexico, presently licensed in Utah, and has several outstanding bench warrants in four surrounding states and Idaho. 

Notable projects:
• JVWCD Education Center
• IHC Bountiful Medical Clinic Addition and Remodel
• INL Science and Technology Building Program
• Business Depot Ogden Restroom Remodel

 Professional affiliations:
• Costco Member since 1997
• Salt Lake City Library Card (probationary pending investigation)
• Dirt Nap Victim Recovery Program (Emeritus)

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