Salvador Pineda

Architectural drafter

Salvador has a lifelong love of art and architecture.  Growing up on the east coast of Guatemala, he later moved to Guatemala City where he met friend and mentor, Guatemalan architect and artist Elmar Rojas—who fostered this love.

From the thrill of his early experiences with colored pencils and temperas to watercolor renderings of his mentor’s housing designs and hand painted signs, Sal painted his way to the United States. In New Orleans, he met and married another sign painter. Together in traditional sign shops, they painted signs and sign pictorials until moving to Salt Lake City to pursue educational opportunities. While attending Salt Lake Community College, Sal earned his A.A.S. Degree in Architectural Technology, and followed up with various courses in painting and design at the University of Utah.

Today, Salvador enjoys painting watercolors and seeing the artwork created by his wife and by their friend, John. Sal’s experience with painting, model-making and hand drafting all bring an added perspective and depth of understanding to his computer drafting skills. 

Projects in progress since joining GSBS this past October include:
•  Woods Cross High School
•  LDS Temple in Trujillo, Peru
•  Pacific Steel Storage
•  Icon Shop
•  Carbon monoxide monitoring projects for the Granite School District

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