Formerly a certified Cash Manager at a mutual fund company, Natalie knew it was time for a change after her 10-key calculator blew up one day. Lured to Australia by the possibility of obtaining her own pet kangaroo, she began studying landscape architecture in Sydney. Sadly, the waiting list for kangaroos was extremely long, so she returned to the U.S. and resumed her studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. Three short years later, she earned her Master of Landscape Architecture degree.

She began her new career at a firm in Houston, where she discovered the strong market for topiaries and lawn jockeys in every subdivision in the nation. After successfully completing the installation of a life-size topiary of the Statue of Liberty, Natalie took a hiatus to concentrate on memorizing reams of invaluable exam material for Landscape Architect licensing. Following the completion of the exams and despite the excellent margaritas available in Houston, she left behind the mosquitos and hurricanes to travel north to Fort Worth where she joined GSBS in 2013.

Natalie completed her landscape architect licensing requirements in October 2014.

 Notable projects:
·       Fort Worth Botanic Gardens / Rock Springs Restoration
·       Cherokee Nation Master Plan
·       Northeast Tarrant County Sub-Courthouse
·       Bartlett Park Soccer Complex

Professional Affiliations:
·       U.S. Green Building Council
·       American Society of Landscape Architects

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