Joel loves creating things.  His love for drawing and painting started when he won the highly contested 1st grade thanksgiving turkey drawing competition at Bountiful Elementary.  This undeniable momentum propelled him into a youth filled with sketches of monsters, helicopters, tanks, superheroes, basketball shoes, and the occasional nostalgic turkey.  

His first experimentation in architecture occurred in his teenage years and, like so many architects before him, was born from the desire to not share a room with his younger brother.  This desire resulted in various, unauthorized remodeling projects throughout his parents’ home.  Though rich with experience, these projects produced widely varied results.  The accompanying punishments somewhat deterred him from design as a possible career choice.

Upon completing high school and a church mission in Mexico, he experienced the painful realization that his Eagle Scout Award didn't actually qualify him to land any job he could ever want—as promised by multiple scoutmasters.  Not fully ready to give up on tanks and basketball shoes, he looked hard at studying commercial art or industrial design, before ultimately deciding to revisit architecture.  

He completed his education in 2007, and has been loving his career ever since.  Initially contributing to the design of multiple schools and recreation centers across Utah, he has been working on LDS Temples since arriving at GSBS in 2011.  He enjoys the unique challenges presented by this complex project type. 

Although he spends most of his free time with his wife trying to teach their one year old son the importance of sleeping through the night, he can also be found playing an occasional game of basketball, watching college football, or searching for fish in the High Uintah Mountains—all while harmlessly poking fun at hipsters.

His excitement for design has spilled into his personal life, as he has taken on the foolhardy challenge of restoring an old pioneer home in the lower avenues where his family currently resides.  He has now achieved his dream of knocking out walls, raising ceilings, and adding or demolishing closets with zero fear of parental consequences.

Professional Affiliations:
• Season Ticket Holder - Utah Football

Notable Projects with GSBS:
• Fortaleza Brazil LDS Temple
• Urdaneta Phillipines LDS Temple
• Rio De Janeiro LDS Temple

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