Erin m. holcombe

Architect / project manager

Erin was born in New Mexico, and after a few intermediate stops, she moved to Utah.  Here she enjoys the polarity of the outdoors and the city.  With her children in tow, she enjoys getting out into the sunshine and doing anything that seems fun.

Her complete inability to reconcile her pragmatism with her creativity led her to architecture.  With a Bachelor’s Degree in hand, she headed East for graduate school.  Erin landed in Raleigh, North Carolina simply because she wanted to experience something different.  Immersed in the culture and architecture of the region, she gained a great appreciation for things that were put in place before the states were even states.  This provided her with a unique opportunity to study historic architecture and its preservation.  North Carolina also provided Erin with a backbone for sustainable design studies.  Some of the earliest research into daylighting design and its implementation into construction were conducted in North Carolina, and having access to a daylighting lab was an incredible experience. 

Notable Projects with GSBS:
• Jordan Valley Water Conservation District Education Center
• Ogden Weber Applied Technology Center
• Lincoln County, Wyoming Justice Center
• Fort Carson Child Development Center

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