Eric brooks


The son of an interior designer, Eric was naturally drawn to the field of….accounting. 

Wait…back up…upon listening to the advice of a high school guidance counselor, Eric followed the dark path down the road of a business education.  After completing a BBA at Texas State University and an MBA at the University of Houston, Eric was employed as a financial analyst and grant accountant at a major hospital in Houston.  It didn’t take Eric long to realize that there was a direct correlation between his interest level in the subject matter and his propensity to fall asleep while studying to become a Charted Financial Analyst.

In 1997, he returned to the University of Houston to pursue a Master of Architecture degree and that ever elusive Heisman Trophy.  While the Heisman was not to be, he did find out that “academic fulfillment” was not just a myth that his previous teachers dangled in front of him just to get him to try harder.

After graduation, Eric moved to Fort Worth with his wife in the summer of 2000 to begin working in an architectural office.  He enjoys riding dirt bikes with his two sons and is constantly working on his “vintage” house.

Notable Projects:
• DC International
• Ag Texas 

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