My father—a great leader and chief of the Western Band of the Catawba Indian Nation— was my mentor and example. His professional career spanned many years as a civil engineer, working on reclamation projects in the western United States. My mother, an elementary school teacher, balanced my development with an appreciation of each person’s unique character and significance. Together, they taught me the value of all distinct “beings” as part of this world. We “human” beings only play a part in it.  

The “animal”, “bird”, “plant”, “water”, and “earth” beings are our relatives. We should honor them, respect them, and live with them. What better way for a person to grow up than to know his many relatives—even the weird ones!     

 “Nature knows no indecencies; man invents them.” Mark Twain's Notebook

Professional Affiliations
• American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers
• American Society of Landscape Architects
• Irrigation Association

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