Aia / Project manager

I was born in Southern California, growing up skateboarding and surfing during the 1980’s DogTown days. I am still able to ride a skateboard with some skill but not like current skaters—just cooler.

I did graduate from college, from a school by the name of SCI-ARC in Los Angeles. Went on to work at small firms in SoCal for 18 years, and then decided that our family needed a change from the daily heavy traffic, frequent bad air, mean people and the expensive existence that Southern California has to offer.

We have now lived in Utah for over 18 years and have enjoyed the minor traffic, some bad air, nice people and reasonable living. The scenery here is like no other place, the State parks are beautiful, and I was not aware of the plentiful water recreation spots this desert state has to offer. Lake Powell rocks!

I enjoy teaching young people of Community College age what it is like to be an Architect—sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. I taught for 8 years at Long Beach City College in California and now for over 10 years at Salt Lake Community College.

Who would have thought that we would leave beautiful California for Utah? But, I think it’s been worth it!

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