baylee lambourne


Baylee has lived in Utah her entire life—with the exception of a brief moment in college where she managed to escape to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. After being dragged back, she graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Utah. Whilst taking a gap year from the strenuous life of architecture school, she began to have architecture withdraws and was lucky enough to fill the void in her life by joining the GSBS team.

Being what you would call the youngster of the firm, she often even questions herself if she is old enough to work here. She does plan to return to architecture school to earn her Master of Architecture and eventually become a licensed architect. Also having an interest in graphic design, she enjoys helping around the office with some of the marketing material. In her free time, Baylee takes great delight in photography, spending time with her family and her dogs, improving her rock climbing abilities, and enjoying the outdoors. 

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