Alison Mitchell


Supporting her early interest in art & design, Alison's parents forked over possibly thousands on art supplies. Trusting in her artistic ability, her parents allowed her to select the colors for her new bedroom when they moved to Ogden.  She selected fuchsia shag carpet, wholly embracing her favorite color at the time. Horrified, her parents delicately suggested that lime green shag carpet would be so much better.

After high school graduation, Alison headed to Utah State University, originally as an art major.  4 years and many majors later, she finally hit on Interior Design—a profession that spoke to her artistic self where she could actually make a living. 

After starting a small, short-lived business with an incredibly awkward name—"Aunt Ali's Baldhead Rasta"—making tie-dyed children's clothes, and later creating colorful custom painted kids furniture, Alison was accepted into the Interior Architecture program at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!).

Graduating in 1997 with a Master of Interior Architecture degree, visited a few other firms before finding a home with GSBS.  The crowning jewel of Alison's career (so far) has been the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building—where the design team and City was 100% on board to build the Country’s first Net Zero public safety building.

Alison has volunteered to expand GSBS offices across the world, and has personally scouted several locations as potential sites, including:  Western & Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Greek Isles, Great Britain and Jerusalem were all exciting places.  She personally would like to work remotely from London, her favorite city so far.  Alison truly believes that traveling broadens one's life, makes us more tolerant of others, and helps us understand how the world works. 

When Alison’s world gets crazy, she counts on her crazy puppy Neko, to keep her laughing & sane.

Notable projects:
• Salt Lake City Public Safety Building

Professional Affiliations
• International Interior Design Association
• U.S. Green Building Council

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