Alina Kowalczyk


Alina emigrated from Poland to the US in 19 something…something, with the goal of stealing the most desirable jobs from Americans—but instead went into architecture. 

A great lover of the outdoors, Alina is also a fitness buff who is an accomplished runner and swimmer.  She runs from her home to the office up to three days a week and swims the other two days.

Alina has an indoor voice and an outdoor voice—the latter of which is seldom heard and the former of which is un-hearable.  If you hear the indoor voice, you have unnaturally sensitive ears.  If you hear outdoor voice, you should take evasive action because there is probably glassware flying toward your head.  When asked in meetings if she can please spell her last name, she simply replies, ”No.”  No one knows if that’s a refusal or if it’s impossible to do. 

Notable projects:
• Salt Lake City Public Safety Building
• Utah Valley University Student Life Center & Parking Structure
• Salt Lake Community College - Center for the Arts and Media
• Salt Lake City Airport Parking Garage
• Complimenting project managers on their Revit skills and then fixing the mess
• LEED Certification – SLCC Center for the Arts and Media

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