savannah shiveley

interior design intern

Savannah was born under the Southern California sunshine but before long her family relocated to the snowy Salt Lake Valley where she spent the rest of her time growing up. She’s always had a love creating things and designing spaces, however the idea of pursuing anything related to that never even crossed her mind until she was a freshman at Utah State University.  Intending to attend USU for the Elementary Education program she quickly realized that was not what she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing. She believed she was intended to do more and create more. Architecture and Design practically smacked her across the face during class one day and it became a “duh, of course this is what I am supposed to do “ moment. Savannah dived head first into the Interior Design program and has loved it ever since.

Savannah intends to continue pursuing commercial design and the diversity that it has to offer. One day she hopes to have an opportunity in trying her hand at product design in furniture, lighting, or textiles. She finds inspiration in all that surrounds her and hopes it will one day help in that dream of product design. Her heart belongs to both the Mountains and Cites, and while her travels have been few she intends to go wherever the wind allows her to be swept off to. With a love of hiking, painting, ceramics, concerts, reading, and much more she knows she made the right choice in perusing design.

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