Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Rauland was captivated by the endless exploration natural environments provided. These days he’s more likely to be found exploring urban environments, but still loves to get out in the wild when he can. Having relocated 20 times across 5 countries over the past decade, Rauland has developed a love of diverse housing typologies, cultures, and cities (obnoxious side effect is the compulsion he has to fight to relocate every 6 months).

During his free time you are likely to catch him in the kitchen refining cooking techniques and recipes, voicing opinions on odd subjects like the role of the “meal” and “simplicity” in society, or obsessing over Seahawks football (there are two seasons, football season and the rest of the year). Go hawks!

Rauland views architecture as a social contract to frame space where communities, organizations, families, and environments can meaningfully interact and benefit from each other. He enjoys designing by oscillating between researching, making, experimenting, and proving. He is interested in adapted buildings and how space can be shaped by light.

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