patricia simms

administrative assistant

Patricia wishes she had known at 18 years old that not everyone hears buildings when they talk; that it’s rare to be emotionally moved by the quality of light in a space.  If she had, she might have pursued a different career path.  As it is, Patricia’s education and career went the direction of technical writing, corporate communications and graphic design.

Patricia rejoins the workforce as part-time Administrative Assistant in the Fort Worth office after many years as a stay-at-home-mom (a true misnomer,) church and school volunteer, artist, and part-time real-estate agent. She is very excited to be at GSBS and looks forward to learning about the world of Architecture.

Patricia and her husband Don are new empty-nesters having just sent their youngest off to college. They look forward to traveling, learning new things, and getting used to a quiet house. In her spare time Patricia likes to read, bake and create art. (Her favorite mediums are glass and sugar… though not at the same time.) She keeps her real-estate license current in order to assist the occasional client.

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