MARY Feild

Junior Interior Designer, LEED GA

Up until high school I never went to a school for more than two or three years before my family moved; to this day I still have a love for moving new places and trying new things. This led to me having a “try anything once” mentality about life. Because of all of the moving around, and the fact that my family built three of the homes we’ve lived in I grew up wanting to be an architect. Yet somehow by the time I was heading to college I had become a psychology major. I loved the idea of knowing how people “tick” and what I could do to help them. Nevertheless, it only took a semester of psych classes to realize it was not the career path for me! I had heard about the Interior Design program at Utah State from a friend, and when I met with the advisor about the program it turns out that Interior Design was the perfect combination of what I loved from both fields. It consisted of the personable side of psychology and the creative, puzzle solving sides of architecture. And so four years later here I am; graduated from Utah State University and working for GSBS Architects.

When I actually have free time on my hands I enjoy spending it reading, exploring the city, learning new skills (currently that consists of playing the guitar and tennis), or going up at my cabin where I go hiking, horseback riding, and fishing. 

Notable Projects:
•  Fortaleza, Brazil LDS Temple
•  Bennett Building USDA Consolidation

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