Marianne St. John


Marianne knew at an early age she would spend her life creating things.  Marianne is a native of Missoula, Montana and grew up joyfully exploring the outdoors; both the wildlands of the mountains and the creeks running through town.  One of her particular childhood joys involved collecting rocks and twigs and building sculptures with her found objects.

After receiving her undergraduate degree from an all-women’s college, where she learned the value of independent thinking and fearless creativity, she went In search of the most design-intensive architecture school she could find. Marianne moved to Salt Lake City in 1987, received her architecture degree, and made Utah her home.  

Marianne’s creative life does not stop at architecture.  At home she is surrounded by a multitude of ongoing projects.  Stacks of fabric and a quilt she’ll finish one day; canvases and paints; and knitting projects that each year she promises to finish by Christmas.

In addition to her ongoing projects Marianne spends much of her time perfecting her wood stove cooking techniques—something she learned from her grandmother in Montana. Recently, Marianne and her husband found a beautiful wood cook stove while on trip to Scotland, and it has since become the centerpiece of their kitchen.   

Marianne and her husband are empty nesters and enjoying every minute. They live in a small mountain cabin just outside of Salt Lake City.  And she is still collecting rocks and twigs.

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