Architecture has always been a dream for Madalyn. Since the sixth grade in 2005, she has wanted to be an architect. She is finally about to begin her senior year as an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Arlington. The passion was rooted in a love of art, and an underlying desire to simply help people, and try to make the world a more beautiful place through the built environment.

After spending her childhood growing up in suburbs of Chicago, Indianapolis, San Antonio, and currently DFW, Madalyn has become intrigued by the dynamics of living in an urban environment. She has since began working towards a minor in Urban Planning and the Environment, and is fascinated by the link between humanity and architecture, and what role we as architects can play in shaping future growth.

Though she is still early in her career, Madalyn has many aspirations and focuses she would like to apply herself to in the future. She had just come from a job as a barista, and plans on traveling the world, drinking coffee and studying architecture. When not at work, she can most likely be found reading, gardening, teaching herself French, exploring the city around her, following hockey, basketball and football with her friends and family or at home attempting to be a pastry chef.

Notable Projects:
• Cornerstone Baptist Church
• Malawi’s Pizza
• National Bus – TX Facility

Professional Affiliations:
• Director of CAMP at UTA
• AIAS board member
• Coffee Master at Starbucks
• Cellars Wine Club

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