Kiley Brennan

Student Architectural Intern

Kiley is originally from the wonderful, corn field state of Ohio. If you have ever been to Ohio you can see why she had to get out quickly, so she moved to Utah as a teenager. She has always been interested in design and architecture. In 2018 she graduated high school and was accepted into the Cal Poly SLO architecture school. She just recently finished her first year in the program. She plans on receiving her bachelors in architecture in 2023 and getting her masters shortly after.  Don’t worry she already knows how long she is going to be in school. 

 In her free time, she enjoys doing anything in nature, spending time with friends and family, and traveling. Of course she can only do these things in the few hours a week she is not in studio all day and night. Kiley is thrilled to have the opportunity to intern at GSBS Architects this summer, being able to learn more about architecture and share her skills with the firm.

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