I was born in Texas, but I spent my childhood on a ranch in eastern New Mexico.  Somewhere between building with Legos, riding dirt bikes, and flanking calves, I decided that I either wanted to be an architect or starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.  At the time, Troy Aikman was on a tear and winning Super Bowls, so architect was the natural choice.

After moving back to Texas and graduating high school, I began attending Texas Tech University to pursue an architecture degree.  Due to a passion for fishing, hunting, camping, or anything else related to the outdoors, I took a part-time job at Academy Sports & Outdoors in an attempt to sustain myself on something other than Ramen noodles.  Selling and talking about outdoor gear to customers was much more enjoyable than digging post holes, so I got side-tracked and spent almost 11 years working and eventually managing for the company.  Although my passion for the outdoors remained strong, my passion for retail did not.  I decided to move to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and finish my education, where I received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.

I appreciate both the design and construction aspect of the profession, but I particularly enjoy the challenges offered by each individual project.  The uniqueness of each project keeps things from becoming monotonous and allows for continuous adaptation and creativity – unlike retail or digging post holes.  I am also a firm believer in having a positive impact on the world around me, and it is humbling to consider that projects I work on have the potential to offer function, usefulness, and beauty to others for decades.

I continue to enjoy getting away from everything in the great outdoors, particularly with my dogs and family.  In my opinion, if I have access to electricity, plumbing, internet, or phone service, I am not far enough off the grid.  However, when life doesn’t permit me to be outdoors, I enjoy talking about it.  I also enjoy hanging out with my family and spoiling my nieces, who have lovingly dubbed me “Uncle Dobee.”  Being from Texas, I also love a good football game.  I have been a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan my entire life, but I enjoy a good high school game on Friday night as well.  I am honored to be a member of the team at GSBS Architects, and I hope that my passion for architecture shows in my work to the firm’s clients and the surrounding community.

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