Originally from Jalisco, Mexico moved to the united states at 11 years to pursue an educational opportunity.  By creativity being the force that inspires everyday and the ambition to be part of something bigger the decision to pursue Architecture was life changing.   A recent graduate from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, possesses a background in Art, Photography, Design. Public Relations, and Marketing.  Areas of interest include, Art, Music, Dance, Fashion, Gym, Travel, Instagram.

To be part of GSBS presents the opportunity to shift education into the work place.  In hopes of the ever growing opportunities of education hopes to become a professional in the areas of Architecture and Design with talent and knowledge as the main kit of tools to support his journey.

Past Experience/ Notable Projects:
• Public Relations Assistant at the U of U School of Architecture
• Designer & Marketing Assistant at the U of U School of Architecture
• Art Direction Collaboration with VOX Magazine
• Artist on Gallery at CONCEPT Smart Artful Living
• Marriot Library Design Contributor (Project still under construction)

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