Christian Orr


Christian is a landscape designer at GSBS, and has a love for simple elegance. He sees landscape design as a conscious response to, and extension of lifestyle in living spaces. Christian is passionate about creating functional, beautiful, livable welcoming spaces and believes that healthy environments improve societal health. He has recreational interest in low impact green design, classical architecture, and urban development policy. His current design inspirations include Piet Oudolf, Andrea Cochran, Andrea Palladio, Seneca Crane, and Daniel Burnham. 

In his fleeting spare time, Christian finds new ways to embrace the philosophy, “Live your legend.”  From rock climbing and playing the highland bagpipes to competitive culinary arts and bodybuilding. Christian’s approach to authentic living drives him to find new ways to expand his life experiences. He’s always looking for new answers to the question, “So, what do you do for fun?”  He loves international culture and travel. Christian values being locally literate about eclectic cafes and attractions, and defends his title as reigning king of the dance floor.

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