Benjamin N. Rodes

Landscape Designer

Ben was born and raised in Crouch, Idaho, home of “the gnarliest 4th of July fireworks celebration anywhere,” (an event that has since been canceled due to extreme danger), and grew up playing in the mountains surrounding his hometown. These formative years, in addition to his time receiving a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Idaho, gave him a deep appreciation of the natural landscape.

Ben spent the early part of his career in Seattle and Salt Lake City, working on urban and institutional projects, parks, community developments, and campus master plans. In 2013 he was given the opportunity to join Black Diamond Equipment and, being a passionate rock climber, welcomed the challenge. Where he had once dimensioned site layout plans with 45-foot plaza radii, he found himself detailing carabiners with .045-inch radii. This experience gave him a unique skill-set for designing at a minute level, in addition to a strong connection to the outdoor community. At GSBS, Ben is particularly interested in focusing on projects that better the Salt Lake community—a community that he is proud to be a member of.

In his spare time, Ben enjoys travel, suffering up hills in search of fresh powder to ski down, and pushing his mental and physical boundaries on his next sport climbing project.

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