Abigail Degenhardt

Interior Design Intern

Growing up in small town Kansas, I did not known what it was like to drive more than 5 minutes to a destination. That is, until I decided to attend Kansas State University to study Interior Design, where I was introduced to some of the greatest experiences and opportunities I could find. Graduating in May of 2018, I am now seeking my adventurous side by moving to Texas to find the big city, not-so-cold weather, and at least a 20 minute drive anywhere I go.  

I fell in love with Interior Design when I realized how impactful it can be.  The idea of creating a space that functions well, and also creates a positive experience for the user is exciting.  I have learned more than I thought possible along this path and continue to learn and enjoy every new step. 

In my free time, find me playing sports, enjoying the outdoors, planning my next weekend trip, and exploring DFW. Once you get to know me, I have a hard time not talking (so they say) and I love jokes - What did the fish say when he ran into a wall? 

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