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We follow the philosophical lead of the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius, designing structures with three legs to stand on: Firmness, so that they will last; Utility, so that they meet your needs: and Delight, so that they are pleasing to experience. Our award-winning architects are a visionary group who employ sustainable techniques and materials to solve design challenges and elevate the end result. At the same time, we are process driven, to ensure that your timeline, your budget and your project requirements are achieved.


Our landscape architects are often the first people on a building site, and the last people to leave it. This end-to-end stewardship helps them collaborate with our architects to improve the entire design process, creating an integrated vision for a site, and then executing the plan successfully. They strive to identify a client’s point of view, and then translate it into landscaping with a unique local flavor, artfully adding structures and water-wise native plants that are cost-effective to maintain, and build character and value over time.


A space should tell a story--a story that is a reflection of our client. Our interior design staff creates warm, welcoming environments, from large commercial spaces to the most intimate setting. Their versatility, creativity and buying power help maximize every dollar spent. Working closely with architects from the outset, they employ principles of sustainability to increase natural light and integrate naturally with architectural elements. Thus ensuring your space looks great, is healthier, and functions as it was intended.


We've been leaders in sustainable design for more than three decades. In fact, majority of our 75 employees in Salt Lake City, Utah and Fort Worth, Texas are LEED Accredited Professional. With an in-house energy engineer and more LEED certified/registered projects than other firms in the region, GSBS can employ sophisticated tools to assess, evaluate and benchmark different sustainability models.

GSBS Sustainable Building Consulting Services include:
• LEED Certification
• Sustainable Design Charrette
• High Performance Green Building Design
• Green Architecture

GSBS Energy Engineering Services include:
• Building Energy Simulation
• Carbon Footprint Mitigation
• Daylighting and Airflow Analysis
• Building Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
• Building Energy Codes Compliance


Planning is about envisioning what could be, and creating a way to make that vision a reality. Often, the path to success means managing economic and urban development strategies, public space requirements, environmental policies, and securing public approval. GSBS offers certified planners in house, supported by an experienced team to help you navigate civic hurdles and create win-win solutions for your project and all the constituencies it may affect.


GSBS Architects and Richman & Associates Consulting have come together under one roof. GSBS/Richman Consulting provides a comprehensive range of services unmatched by any other firm. Together we will complement and expand the services we provide our clients by expanding our multi-disciplinary approach with the addition of key planning and pre-design elements including: Economic Development and Redevelopment Project Planning and Real Estate Market Analysis as well as Fiscal Planning including Fiscal Impacts, Impact Fee Analysis. Our new consulting services will enhance GSBS' current mullti-disciplinary approach offering Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Sustainability Consulting, Energy Engineering and Graphic Design.



GSBS Architects provides expert witness services to the Architectural/Engineering Design and Construction Industry. GSBS is a full service architectural firm providing architectural, interior design, planning and landscape architecture design services. GSBS maintains offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ft. Worth, Texas and Guadalajara, Mexico. On behalf of our clients, through outside consultants and engineers, we provide a full compliment of disciplines; Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Civil, and Fire Sprinkler design. The firm also consults with Audio/Visual, Acoustical, Geotechnical, Topographical Survey Engineers. Other hired disciplines include Food Preparation, Theater, Security, Hardware, Envelope, and Roofing Consultants.