At GSBS, we design with people in mind. To that end, we embrace the emerging principles of architecture that allow us to create positive structures that are more pleasant to be in, less costly to maintain, contribute to a healthier environment, and are more valuable.

We've been at the forefront of sustainable design for more than three decades. In fact, when we designed the Utah Olympic Speed Skating Oval, it became one of the first 13 buildings worldwide designated as LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the United States Green Building Council. Since then, we've continued to design structures that qualify for this prestigious designation.

We employ the principles of sustainability as dictated by our clients' needs and experience. It's the right thing to do because it offers specific, measurable benefits that most every client desires:

MORE VALUABLE — When you're pouring finite resources into a project, it's important to know you're getting the greatest value out of every dollar you spend. We utilize sustainable design principles that make buildings more efficient, so they're less expensive to maintain, meet tightening environmental standards, and have higher residual value.

MORE LIVABLE — Well-designed structures make for happier and healthier occupants. Proper use of natural light, airflow and open space can reduce illness and increase productivity. In fact, students in such environments have been shown to achieve dramatically higher standardized test scores.

MORE RESPONSIBLE — Buildings are the number-one generator of greenhouse gases. The right design and materials can reduce the problem dramatically. In fact, if we made all buildings 50 percent more efficient, we could halt global warming. It's an attainable goal. And as a result, we'll leave better structures and a better planet for our children and grandchildren.

MORE AESTHETIC — Great design should inspire. When you walk into one of our buildings, you should feel you're in a special, well-thought-out space. Recently, GSBS received the Architecture Firm Award from the Utah Chapter of the American Institute of Architects—one of only three firms ever to receive that high honor—to go along with our scores of other regional, national and international awards for design excellence. But in the end, it's not about what we like, but about fulfilling our clients' individual visions for their projects.

Of course, great design doesn't become great architecture without the time-honored discipline required to get each job done. GSBS has long been known for listening to client needs, proposing smart solutions, and then applying strong project and budget management to get the project constructed.

Vision and imagination are the fuel of great architecture. Combine that with our knowledge, our process and our work ethic, and you have fertile ground for achieving what's possible.